Kunda Satyanarayana Kaladhamam

Kunda Satyanarayana Kaladhamam is a complete spiritual and mythological museum, where one can relive the ancient Indian epics. The first in India, this marvel has been created with the concept of acquainting visitors with the rich mythological, cultural and traditional heritage of India. Sprawled across 3 kms of walkways, it features thousands of beautiful sculptures and statues depicting key events from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata, the life of Buddha, and many more, To enhance the spiritual experience, most of the historic temples of India have been recreated here with painstaking accuracy and attention to detail.


Entry hours:
9 AM – 5:30 PM (Daily)

Visiting hours:
9 AM – 7 PM (Daily)


Adult: ₹ 350

Child: ₹ 300 (Below 10 years)
(Below 5 years, no charge)

Panchamukha Hanumadeeshwara Temple

The entrance of the temple is adorned with carvings of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara, guarded by the serpent gods. The ‘Gopuras’ of the temple are a blend of North & South Indian architecture, while the entire construction is done in accordance with Vaastushastra and Agamashastra. In the sanctum sanctorum, a 16-foot Panchamukha Hanuman idol is exquisitely chiseled out of black stone, specially brought from Kanchi. Within the complex, devotees can also get a darshan of the Mahashivalinga of Panchamukha Parameswara, similar to that of the Pasupatinath temple in Nepal, and perform abhishekam. Blessings of Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Lakshmi, can also be sought here.


6:30 AM – 1 PM & 3 PM – 8 PM (Mon – Fri)

6:30 AM – 8 PM (Sat, Sun & Special holidays)


  • Suprabhataseva
  • Manyusuktham Sahashodhopachara Puja
  • Panchamutranijabishekam
  • Manyusuktham Parayanam, etc.

Panchamukha Hanuman-Shiva

Everything about Surendrapuri is surreal and larger-than-life. Upon entering, you are greeted by two humongous statues of Panchamukha Shiva and Panchamukha Hanuman, both 60 feet tall. Both stand back-to-back and form an imposing addition to the rural skyline. The Panchamukha Hanuman has five different faces: Vanara, Narasimha, Garuda, Varaha and Hayagreeva; and holds ten different weapons in his hands. This is a protective avataar of Hanuman with an interesting story behind it. Hanuman manifested this avataar when Ram and Lakshman were kidnapped by Ravan’s brother Mahi Ravan and saved his masters by killing off five bees in which Mahi Ravan’s life was kept. The Panchamukha Shiva statue, on the other hand, represents the Pancha bhootha and the Pancha tatwa. Shiva manifested this avataar in order to kill some demons and his five faces are Sadyojatha, Vama deva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Eeshana.


Situated atop the Nagadri Hill, is a gigantic 101-foot Shivalinga encircled by Kaalasarpa, which has become a popular destination for devotees to offer prayers to Nagakoteeswara Swamy. With one crore Shivalingas made out of anthill mud, the shrine is believed to be so powerful that just by pradakshina, one can attain salvation from the ill-effects of the Naga Dosha, Kuja Dosha and Kaalasarpa Dosha.


8:30 AM – 5:30 PM (daily)


  • Kalasarpa dosha,
  • Naga dosha,
  • Kuja dosha,
  • Parihara poojalu etc..