Sri Kunda Satyanarayana

Founder Of Surendrapuri

Surendrapuri, the mythological marvel, has been single-handedly conceptualized and created by Sri Kunda Satyanarayana. He was born in a small village near Khammam (Telangana), in an agricultural family whose modest means did not allow him to pursue a formal higher education.

The sudden passing away of his youngest son, Surendra Babu, aroused in Sri Satyanarayana a desire to build something to keep his memory alive. The idea of a mythological park seemed apt to him due to his deep abiding love for Indian culture and traditions.

As he embarked upon this ambitious venture, he was confronted by daunting challenges – advancing age, huge project costs, and the dissuasion of friends and associates. All the deterrents only served to firm his resolve and energize his zeal. At the age of 70, when people have generally retired, he worked doubly hard to bring his dream project to life.

After over a decade of dedicated hard work and single-minded commitment, Surendrapuri took concrete shape. Today, Surendrapuri stands as an eloquent testimony to one man’s vision, determination and never-say-die attitude, a shining example of “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”