Replicas of all the
famous temples of India.

Welcome To Surendrapuri
A Journey Into The Soul Of India

Surendrapuri offers you an unforgettable glimpse of India’s spiritual, mythological and cultural treasures. A unique destination spread over 3 kms, it comprises sculptures, replicas of all the famous temples of India, epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat and Bhagavat and recreated celestial worlds, to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of our glorious heritage.


Surendrapuri Map


Explore the 360 degree view of kunda satyanarayana kaladhamam


Rediscover the glory of ancient India. Relive the legendary times.


Glimpses of Surendrapuri, a mythological and cultural wonderland

Sri Kunda Satyanarayana

Founder Of Surendrapuri

Surendrapuri, the mythological marvel, has been single-handedly conceptualized and created by Sri Kunda Satyanarayana. He was born in a small village near Khammam (Telangana), in an agricultural family whose modest means did not allow him to pursue a formal higher education.


The Kaladhamam is an excellent creation of temples, culture and epics.
G. Ravi , Joint Collector, Yadadri District

India’s vast cultural heritage is shown here and it should become a place of pilgrimage for young Indians.

Manoj Kumar, IPS, Addl. DG of Police (Retd.)

The contribution of Sri Kunda Satyanarayana to society is highly appreciable.

Justice Amarnath Goud, High Court at Hyderabad

Shri K. Satyanarayana has made his son immortal by this beautiful concept.I would call it a place to connect with the self. A very rewarding experience!

Rajiv Trivedi, Principal Secretary - Home, Govt. of Telangana

This place is a must-see for everybody. I don’t think there is a place like this anywhere in the world.

S. Janaki, Singer

Surendrapuri is a one-stop experience in Hindu mythology and would be highly enlightening for children.

G.V. Ramana Rao, Managing Director, TSRTC

It was a lifetime experience going through the epics and other mythological stories.Kudos for creating this marvelous world.

Anita Rajender, IAS, Addl. Secretary - Home Dept.

The magnificent mythological characters and the beautiful art speak volumes about Mr. Kunda Satyanarayana’s passion.

Rama Rajeswari, IPS, Addl. SP, Nalgonda

Surendrapuri is a must see for all who wish to learn about Indian spiritual and mythological evolution. A great journey for me and my family

V.S.K.Kaumudi, IPS, Addl. DGP, Hyderabad, Telangana

Visiting this place offers you a feeling of visiting entire India. Parents and schools must bring children here and enlighten them with true knowledge about ancient India.

Chiranjeevilu, Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Nalgonda

Don’t Miss this Mythological Theme Park in Telangana

There are a number of theme parks in the world. But ever heard of a mythological theme park? Welcome to Surendrapuri Kunda Satyanarayana Kaladhamam, the mythological theme park in Telangana, situated 59 kms from the city of Hyderabad. The first ever mythological theme park in India, Surendrapuri is one of the classic destinations among weekend getaways from Hyderabad, that will make your visit most memorable. 

This spectacular place, dotted with beautiful sculptures and stunning replicas of famous Indian shrines; lets you explore various facets of the vast Indian mythology from the churning of the oceans to obtain the nectar (Ksheera sagara mathanam) to char dham pilgrimage. The attractions do not end there.  As one enters this magnificent mythological theme park in Telangana, larger than life statues, resplendent sculptures, Navgraha temples, celestial world and significant episodes from the great epics, puranas delight the visitors. The 3 kms stretch inside Surendrapuri, includes over 3000 sculptures and statues.

Unique place among the weekend getaways from Hyderabad

The mesmerising place is named after its creator Shri Satyanarayana Kunda, who single-handedly conceptualised and created this mythological marvel through his commitment and hard work. It is an ideal outing for someone who wants to get a glance at all the best pilgrim spots in one place. From Golden temples of Amritsar to Ramanathaswamy temple of Rameshwaram, Kali temple of Kolkata to Jagannath temple of Puri, Somnath temple of Gujarat to Guruvayoor Krishna temple, and Sri Venkateswara temple of Tirupati, you can see the beautiful replicas of all these temples right here at Surendrapuri. 

The place also features interesting episodes from great epics like Mahabharat, Ramayan, and Buddha Charitha. It is not only a visual treat but visitors can also listen to interesting stories of the past using an innovative Surendrapuri app on their smartphones. The endearing narration at every pace makes the visit more interesting and worthwhile. If you wish to discover more about the kaleidoscopic cultural heritage of incredible India, you must visit this mythological theme park in Telangana.