One Of The Don’t Miss these Unique Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad

Are you exploring some of the unique Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad?

 The weather in the city of Hyderabad is at its best between October to February and it is the most ideal time to go on long drives and weekend trips. Wondering how to make your weekend different from the usual? Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad have many attractions that offer old-world charm and modern-day uniqueness. From the iconic Charminar to 400 years old historic Golconda Fort, majestic museum, film buffs’ paradise Ramoji Film City, sprawling malls, parks, lakes, and religious places, Hyderabad is full of magnificent attractions. The city also features unique first-of-its-kind attractions like Surendrapuri Kunda Satyanarayana Kaladhamam, a vast theme park on mythology.

India’s First-Ever Mythological Museum 

Rated as one of the must-visit Weekend Getaways from  Hyderabad, Surendrapuri is India’s first-ever mythological museum with stunning replicas of India’s famous temples from Vaishnodevi to Somnath to Kashi to Kanyakumari. If you want your weekend visit to be different with a one-of-a-kind experience, you must head to Surendrapuri. 

As you step into the mesmerizing entrance, the 3kms walkway showcases over 3000 beautiful sculptures and statues depicting India’s rich cultural past and mythological marvels. 

A stroll around the place lets you take a glimpse of spectacular replicas of India’s famous shrines. Making your visit more memorable and meaningful is the Surendrapuri app that lets you discover various interesting tales of the past through advanced technology that lets you listen to the exhibits digitally narrate fascinating stories as you take the tour inside the vast place dotted with magnificent architecture. You can also view and get to know about interesting aspects from significant episodes of great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavata Purana, and the life of Buddha. 

The resplendent statues and the splendid construction that is following Vaastushastra and Agamashastra make Surendrapuri one of the most interesting Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad. 

Culture Spectacle at One of the Most Unique Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad 

If you were the one who grew up listening to grandma’s stories on mythology and wants to pass them on to your kids and grandchildren, you can do it here with remarkable visual narratives that make it more memorable and enlightening. You can explore various facets of mythology such as the churning of the oceans to obtain the nectar (Ksheera Sagara mathanam), Char Dham pilgrimage, larger than life statues of deities, resplendent sculptures, Navagraha temples, celestial world, and interesting Augmented Reality based animation that will creatively help children learn about our rich culture and mythology. The easy to install and use app makes it more entertaining and educative for the smartphone generation. 

One Gentleman’s Vision

This mythological marvel was single-handedly conceptualized and created by Sri Kunda Satyanarayana who belonged to an agricultural family. The sudden demise of his son Surendra Babu aroused in Sri Satyanarayana, a desire to build something in his memory. His love for his son and deep respect for Indian culture and traditions led to the creation of Surendrapuri. Sri Satyanarayana took up this task amidst several challenges like high costs, advancing age, and dissuasion from many acquaintances. He was firm with his resolve and completed the daunting task at an age when people enjoy their retired life. A decade of constant hard work resulted in bringing the dream project to life. The magnificent mythological wonderland stands as testimony to the fact that one man’s vision and determination can inspire success. Recognized as the best Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad, Surendrapuri provides the current generation with deep insights into India’s vast culture and heritage in an engaging way using the latest technology as the medium. The interesting addition of an audio guide allows visitors to listen to interesting tales of the past using an app on their smartphones, making it an entertaining and enlightening tourist destination. On scanning the boards displayed, every sculpture here talks about its ancestral past. The endearing narration of historical, mythological events gives the visitor an experience to cherish. 

How to Reach Surendrapuri?

Touted as the most unique among Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad, Surendrapuri is in Yadadri, Bhuvanagiri District, a two-hour drive from Hyderabad. The place is closer to the famous shrine of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Yadadri, which is 2 km away from Surendrapuri. You can reach the place either by car or bus. There are several buses operated by TSRTC. The entry ticket costs Rs 350 and is free to enter for children below 5 years. The place also offers exclusive packages for corporates, schools, colleges. The place is open from 9 am to 7 pm.

101 feet Nagakoti 

A large statue of Shivalinga on Nagadri Hill is another popular attraction at Surendrapuri. With one crore Shivalingas made out of anthill mud, a pradakshina (circumambulation) here is considered very auspicious and powerful and is said to take away ill-effects of inauspicious elements in birth horoscope such as Naga Dosha, Kuja dosha, and kalasarpa dosha. Among other interesting things to look forward to are the significant mythological episodes like Vishwaroopam, Padmavyuham in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Govardhana Giri, and Padma Dweepam among other beautiful attractions. 

Visual Delight

One of the perfect Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad, Surendrapuri Kunda Satyanarayana Kala Dhamma is a one-stop destination that is known for its sculptural, cultural, architectural, and creative brilliance. 

The mammoth statue of Hanuman with five heads called Panchamukha Hanuman is yet another architectural splendor. And the experience of walking through seven doors of celestial worlds is something that one must not miss. It depicts various lokas (worlds) namely Brahmaloka, Vishnuloka, Shivaloka, Nagaloka, Indraloka, Yamaloka, Narakaloka and Patalaloka. The place provides a beautiful visual version of mythological tales. Every structure and sculpture is designed with utmost precision and exceptional craftsmanship. The large sculpture of Lord Krishna enlightens Arjuna with the message of Bhagavad Gita presents a magnificent view. Every story at every spot leaves a lasting impact long after you leave the place. A visit to Surendrapuri is not complete without seeing the spellbinding animation of the story of Narasimhavataram, the first of its kind in India.  

The classic destination among weekend getaways from Hyderabad, Surendrapuri is enticing for young and old alike. One can discover the glorious myths, legends, and cherished values of India. Be it heroic adventures from mythology or the kaleidoscopic cultural heritage of incredible India, Surendrapuri offers a one-of-a-kind experience to remember. 

In these days of hectic schedules and pandemic panic, visiting a place that gives you a right break from the monotony and also relieves stress can be a welcome change. Also, it is the best place to introduce to the younger generation and help them learn about our country’s rich past that will inculcate the right values for a better future. And Surendrapuri is one of the best weekend getaways from Hyderabad that promises a spell-binding experience. The 17-acre place provides deep insights into India’s rich heritage through beautiful exhibits. Surendrapuri follows Covid protocol with social distancing and sanitization measures. One does not have to be religious to attend Surendrapuri. It is a perfect outing for an entire family that hopes to spend quality time at a worthwhile place. 

If you want to carry back the most treasurable experiences from the best places to visit in Hyderabad, don’t miss Surendrapuri on your itinerary. Surendrapuri can be a perfect Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad, for all those who love to have a pleasant outing and also discover more about incredible Indian mythology. Other tourist places around Surendrapuri include Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple and Bhongir fort. Away from the hubbub of the city, Surendrapuri is surrounded by greenery, making it pleasant, peaceful, and serene. 

Make sure you devote one full day to exploring the temple splendors and make your trip most memorable.

If you like to go somewhere away from noise, traffic to a place that is pleasant and engaging, Surendrapuri is the place to go. Located 59 kms from Hyderabad, Surendrapuri is a one stop destination for many attractions. The place is equally entertaining and educative for adults and kids.

Hyderabad has the most interesting places for tourists and locals. If you are bored with the usual outings and traffic snarls, then Surendrapuri will be the best choice as it is away from noise, traffic, pollution. This is a magnificent mythological wonder which will require one entire day to see and enjoy. You can see amazing sculptures, temple structures, animated versions of ancient tales and more. 

If you are exploring places for a one-day vacation near Hyderabad, visit Surendrapuri, India’s first mythological museum. There is so much to see, know, right from the time you step into the grand entrance. Beautiful sculptures, great architecture, unique and tall statues of deities, a temple dedicated to Navagrahas in different colours and first of its kind animated version of the story of Narasimhavatara make this place unique from other tourist attractions.

Telangana has many interesting tourist destinations from natural beauty to glorious temples, forests, forts, palaces, etc. Telangana is also home to some of the best historical monuments and first of its kind attractions like Surendrapuri, India’s first mythological museum. It is a grand spectacle of culture from a 16 feet tall Panchamukha Hanuman in black stone to 101 feet Nagakoti, replicas of famous Indian temples, celestial world, Navagraha temple and many other mythological attractions.

The neighbourhood of Hyderabad has many interesting places to visit like Golconda, Yadadri, Bhongir Fort, a wildlife sanctuary in Nizamabad, etc. Surendrapuri stands unique among all the places for its beautiful architecture and replicas of all the famous temples of India in one place. You not only get to see these temple structures but also get to know the story behind their origin.

Surendrapuri, near Hyderabad, is the best place for a family vacation. You can spend one entire day here, discovering India’s rich mythological heritage. The right place is a nice combination of tradition and modern technology that helps children learn so much about our traditions and culture. Even if kids have read mythological stories, this place gives them a great audio-visual experience to cherish for a long time.

If you are looking for a one day long trip near Hyderabad, Surendrapuri Kunda Satyanarayana Kala Dhamam would be a perfect outing. It is India’s first mythological museum that showcases beautiful replicas of all the famous temples in the country. One can also view important episodes from Ramayan, Mahabharat and ancient legends. There is also an app which helps you listen to interesting stories at every exhibit.

Hyderabad has many tourist destinations but the best weekend getaway would be Surendrapuri, which is about one and half hour drive from the city of Hyderabad. This place is really unique with several beautiful replicas of India’s famous temples from Kashi to Kanyakumari. The place is the best destination to know all about Indian mythology.


I would certainly recommend this place to all those interested to know more about Indian mythology. Initially, though the entry ticket seemed a bit high at Rs 300, after visiting the place I felt it was worth it. Our entire family enjoyed this one-day holiday trip near Hyderabad, known for amazing temples which look strikingly similar to all the famous Indian temples. My kids particularly enjoyed the celestial world which is so grand and beautiful. Every spot has something special.

Rakesh M, Bangalore

This is the best weekend getaway from Hyderabad where one can have darshan of all Gods from Kashi to Kanyakumari. The moment you step into this wonderful place, you feel like you have stepped into a classic movie on mythology. The large statue of Panchamukha Hanuman with five heads of Vanara, Narasimha, Garuda, Sookara, Hayagreeva presents a magnificent appearance. Many other beautiful things like a recreation of 8 lokas, the charkravyuha scene from Mahabharat, Navagraha temple with a separate temple for every Navagraha. This is a must-visit for everybody who wants to know India’s treasured past.

Aruna Devi, Visakhapatnam

We visited Surendrapuri at a friend’s suggestion. What a spectacular family vacation near Hyderabad! I wondered who could have got this brilliant idea and built it, so after my research, I got to know that this was a painstaking, single-handed effort by Sri Kunda Satyanarayana who belonged to an agriculture family. It was his son’s demise that sparked an idea in him to do something in memory of his beloved son. And that’s how his dream turned to reality in the form of India’s first mythological museum – Surendrapuri. It is a visual treat of all the epics that you would have read since childhood.

B Raghav, Vellore

I loved visiting Surendrapuri, which is one of the best places to visit in Hyderabad. It is so close to Hyderabad, we reached within one and half hours. I would strongly suggest families take their children to this place. In today’s smartphone-addicted world, as parents, we must pass on good values and our culture to our children. When all are so busy with work, Surendrapuri can be the best way to teach children about India’s vast mythology. They will find it very interesting as there is also an app which explains everything here. Children will discover valuable wisdom from our mythology and this will help in shaping them as better individuals.

Swati Ramana, Secunderabad

A good option for the best one-day vacation near Hyderabad. You can see all the famous temples in one place. It is on the way to Yadagirigutta. This is the first of its kind place which has presented all epics, sculptures, mythological stories in a very beautiful manner. People can understand quite a lot about India’s rich culture through visual wonders here. Also, one can listen to the interesting stories behind each exhibit through the Surendrapuri app that gives you a detailed explanation as you take the tour on the premise.

Sameer, Kolhapur, Your Content Goes Here

Surendrapuri near Hyderabad is the best tourist place for a group of friends who plan to go on a long drive and spend quality time at a unique place. This place is so different from the usual outings. You can see all the famous temples replicas here built so perfectly. Not only see but also listen to the amazing stories of Indian mythology. We installed the Surendrapuri app that helped us listen to interesting stories of every sculpture here as we walked around the place.

G Melvin, Chennai

Surendrapuri is the most unique and best school trip vacation place. This place will be thoroughly enjoyed by children as they discover the rich culture and heritage of India through audio and visual wonder. We took our batch of students who kept talking about the exciting things they saw here. Though they have read stories seeing it in a majestic form along with hearing wonderful stories of the past, giving them a memorable experience.

Roja Rani K, Hyderabad
November 15th, 2021|

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