Kunda Satyanarayana Kaladhamam is a complete spiritual and mythological museum, where one can relive the ancient Indian epics. The first in India, this marvel has been created with the concept of acquainting visitors with the rich mythological, cultural and traditional heritage of India.

Sprawled across 3 kms of walkways, it features thousands of beautiful sculptures and statues depicting key events from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata, the life of Buddha, and many more, To enhance the spiritual experience, most of the historic temples of India have been recreated here with painstaking accuracy and attention to detail.


Entry hours:
9 AM – 5:00 PM (Daily)

Visiting hours:
9 AM – 7 PM (Daily)


Adults Count (140cm+) – Rs. 350/-
Children Count (120cm+ TO Below 140cm) – Rs. 300/-
Children (Below 120cm – FREE)
Visiting timings: 9:00Am to 7:00 PM



Imagine a tirth yatra of the holiest shrines – from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – at a single place! That’s exactly what you can do at Surendrapuri, which houses the life-size replicas and deities of all the famous pilgrimage centres. Besides being abodes of the Gods, the temples are marvels of architectural brilliance. Each one intricately carved and sculpted with devotion and passion to reflect the uniqueness of the original. This is one darshan you will never ever forget not only for the exquisite architectural beauty of the temples but also for the unique experience of seeing and visiting all the temples of India in a single


Get ready to be enchanted as the celestial worlds of Bramhalok, Vishnulok, Shivalok, Nagalok, Indralok, Yamalok (Narakalok), and Patalalok come alive in all their grandeur. Walk through the seven magnificent portals of Vishnulok, past wonderful carvings of the Dasavataras on either side, and get transported to a realm of the fantastic and fabulous. All the Saptalokas are carefully designed as per what has been written in the ancient texts, to provide you with the most authentic experience of these divine worlds.


We have all heard and read about the fascinating events of the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata and the Puranas, imagining in our minds the spectacular scenes and interesting vignettes. At Surendrapuri, you can actually witness these episodes, which are captured as a series of awe-inspiring sculptures.

KSHEERA SAGARA MADHANAM : The churning of the ocean by the Gods and demons using Mount Mandhara.

GAJENDRA MOKSHAM : The arrival of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi to save their devotee, Gajendra the elephant, from the clutches of a crocodile.

BALA KRISHNA : Episodes from the early life of Lord Krishna portraying his strength and playfulness from dancing on the hood of the serpent king to lifting the Govardhana mountain on his little finger to playing with the Gopikas.

BHAGAVAD GITA : The scene of Lord Krishna enlightening Arjuna during the Kurukshetra War, amidst battle-ready armies, is depicted with yet another mega sculpture.

PADMAVYUHA : A stunning recreation of the military strategy adopted to defeat Abhimanyu during the Mahabharata war, provide you with a real-life experience.

THE STORY OF HANUMAN : From the legend of his birth to his valourous deeds, including flying with Rama and Lakshmana, all major events of his life are depicted in captivating sculptures. There are numerous other wonders, in the form of eye-catching statues, depicting crucial episodes from Bala Bharata, Buddha Charita and other classics, which await you at Surendrapuri to send you into raptures of delight.


CLOAKROOM : Facility available at Ticket counter

MOBILE PHONES : Mobile phones are allowed into the Kaladhamam at an extra cost of Rs.100 per device

WHEELCHAIRS : An attendant is available to take the wheelchair around the museum, for an extra charge.

UMBRELLAS : You can borrow an umbrella at the ticket counter for free (limited availability).

CANTEEN : Vegetarian food is available in side Kaladhamam

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